This is the way we work at CentraLab, this is the way we work for you
  • Full automation with Beckman Coulter Power Express System, total equipment connectivity for a streamlined sample processing.
  • Sistema de laboratorio Logico único DNLab que asegura la disponibilidad de la información y la trazabilidad de cada muestra.
  • List of different 1,200 tests.
  • Outstanding throughput capacity in the country with best effort response and resolution.
  • Most advanced Quality System in the country.

75% of clinical diagnostics are based on lab tests. This is why we trust in world-class leading accreditation and certification organizations supporting and guaranteeing our processes and lab tests results.

We offer specimen transport with our own vehicles accordingly authorized and maintained complying with local regulations for biospecimen transportation. Our logistics covers the City of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area and surrounding areas, as soon as possible and safely keeping the specimen under close supervision of CentraLab.
  • Own vehicles
  • Cadena de frio asegurada
  • Specific receivers for specimen transport
  • Habilitación para el transporte de cargas generales y mercancías peligrosas
  • Certificate of technical inspection
  • Drivers holding freight or hazardous materials license
  • CNRT Psico-physical capabilities status report