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Pharmacy and CROs

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We are the most important and most developed clinical pathology laboratory and supplier as regards clinical biochemistry services in Argentina. From the very beginning, we have been selected by one of the most important CRO in this industry as main regional supplier in central laboratory services for clinical research. We work hand in hand with the top drug manufacturers worldwide in hundreds of clinical research protocols, processing samples of most of South American countries.

- Clinical trial set up.
– Coordination and management of projects.
– Coordination of sites.
– Preparation and distribution of kits.
– Long-term storage (-20ºC ; – 70ºC).
– Safety laboratory tests and specific tests.
– Individual and customizable reports.
– Files transfer

and Health Care Centers

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We are the most important and state-of-the-art lab tests provider as regards clinical chemistry in Argentina. We can set up a laboratory in your organization with the support of our central laboratory.

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